Our Approach

NNK Real Estate Investment Management’s investment strategy concentrates on capital preservation and wealth creation to generate above market risk adjusted returns for our clients.  We focus on income as one of the primary determinants of long term performance and capital values. At NNK, we believe this is best achieved by engaging value added investment strategies notably to under utilised and mismanaged properties.

The founders have identified a niche in the current market for a boutique specialised investment management service aimed directly at select institutional and private investors, in diverse market locations, looking to take advantage of the recovery of the Irish real estate market.

We employ a variety of strategies to maximise returns for our clients. We undertake the following types of work:

· Investment Strategy
· Portfolio Diversification
· Sourcing Investment Property
· Executing of Transactions with Full Due Diligence Support
· Construct and Implement Asset Management Business Plans
· Implement Income Generating Initiatives
· Identify Optimum Timing for Asset Disposal